How to clean/protect light colored bags?

  1. Hi All, I bought an used tapioca and an used almond bags. They are in good condition but they show some signs of wear, in particular the tapioca that has minor (very minor) scratches and seems a little dirty on some areas. Is there any way to clean the leather? Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated.
  2. Almond's my favorite MJ color so far! I had several bags in that color. Anyhow, I had great success using Apple Leather Care products on them. The bags still looked like new when I sold them.

    For the scratches, maybe try cleaning those areas, then condition the whole bag. Lovin My Bags has a cleaner that's supposed to "re-surface" worn areas. I haven't tried mine yet, so I don't know how well it works, but try a board search as I looked up reviews for LMB before buying.

    Good luck and enjoy your new bags!
  3. Thank you Ladies!! I have just ordered the apple products. Have a good one!!:yahoo: