How to clean pen mark from Monogram canvas

  1. Sigh. Just noticed a pen mark on the blue inside cover of my beautiful Groom agenda :sad:

    Has this happened to any of you? How do I clean it off? Any advice is much appreciated.
  2. Awwww... so sorry this happened to ya...

    Hmmm... have you tried using like a baby wipe or a soft damp cloth? :shrugs:

    Sorry I couldn't be of much assistance. :s
  3. I've tried baby wipes, as well as a damp cloth with a tiny bit of soap...doesn't work. Very depressing. I am tempted to try an alcohol swab, but am afraid it may take off the blue color of the that a good idea?
  4. Oooh... you're talking about the blue stripe on the exterior of the agenda?

    I wouldn't use an alcohol swab... it might lift the color... :sweatdrop: If you received a Monogram Groom care booklet with the agenda, see if there's any useful information you can use... if not, call your local LV store to see what they suggest. ;)
  5. Sorry about the pen mark. Nothing remove ink and it would be advisable to leave it otherwise it will look worst after the alcohol swab.
  6. The pen mark is not on the blue strip on the outside. It's on the inside, which is colored for the Groom agenda, and mine has blue colored insides.
  7. ooh... this is bad... i suggest you steer away from the alcohol..