How to clean off greyish tint from LV vachetta leather?

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  1. Hi LV lovers,

    I recently got a pre-loved Noe. The leather was in great condition overall but I noticed that the leather running down one of the side of the bag had some "wrinkling", creating peaks and valleys. The peaks had a greyish tint (kind of like how part of your white canvas school shoes caught some dust and turned a little grey). I had tried using an eraser (from the stationary store) to remove it but it was futile. I also just noticed some fine hairline cracks on the shoulder strap :sad:. I have attached pictures of the leather on both sides of the bag for comparison, and the cracking leather.

    There were many threads on cleaning and conditioning LV (cracked) leather but I didn't manage to locate threads talking about the greyish tint. Really appreciate it if I could get some opinions here or be pointed to the relevant thread.

    Thanks in advance:heart:!

    20190518_131116.jpg 20190518_131129.jpg 20190518_131145.jpg 20190518_131201.jpg
  2. It just looks dry.
  3. I also think it looks dry. I don’t see anything grey looking? I’m no expert but I’ve seen plenty of threads where people try to clean marks from vachetta and end up with a far worse problem than they started with - personally I would moisturise it and then leave it alone.
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