How to clean nylon Prada's

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  1. I've read many of you say how easy it is to maintain your nylon Prada's. Can you share tips on how you clean yours? I have several in light colours that are starting to look grubby, and surface cleaning with a damp cloth doesn't seem to work. And how do you spot remove stains?

    All tips are welcome :heart: :heart: :heart: :smile:
  2. All I have ever needed was a damp cloth..what kind of stains..Sometimes hairspray takes a stain out too
  3. Thanks Jill.

    Well there's this greyish hue over large areas..could it be just pollution/city soot, maybe water stains from a drizzle...not sure what exactly, but it makes my silver nylon tote look dirty :sad: Same thing with my backpack in cream. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Can I use soapy water to sponge over it? If so what kind of soap?

    What sort of stains does hairspray take out?
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  4. My method as well :yes:
  5. I usually use Windex...and a soft sponge.
  6. Very gentle baby wipes on whichever part is dirty, and then a soft towel to dry the areas... remember: be gentle! and don't scrub!
  7. Thanks guys :flowers: :flowers: :flowers: :biggrin:

    Will try babywipes and windex. I have inadvertently let the stains on my bags set for some time, as I didn't notice them before :sad: :sad: Hope I can get them off. They look awful.....
  8. hi all! any suggestions on how to clean white nylon that is yellowing in places? thanks for any help...
  9. I might try a little Soft Scrub with bleach...with a soft sponge and very gently...
  10. for cleaning nylon bags or any other synthetic material bag i always tell my customers that they should be wiped clean with soap and water.
  11. thanks for the tips! at this point i'll try anything since my bag is not presentable in public in its current state... :girlsigh:
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  12. I always use a mild soap with a damp towel for my nylon Prada items. This works the best for me.
  13. Baby whipe?
  14. Yup. Baby wipes work well. I've got a small pouch which I use for loose change/cards and spilt some liquid on it. A swipe of baby wipes made it brand new!
  15. Thank you ladies very very much! I will try these new techniques and clean my bags
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