How to clean my Ahmedabad tote?

  1. I took my trusty Ahmedabad wool tote out to dinner and needless to say, it got dirty. Someone dropped it on the floor and it has some substance that looks like peanut butter on it :yucky: :throwup:.

    Before you tell me to get it dry cleaned, I just want to say that it's not an option. The dry cleaners in my little hick town consistently ruin things, and the most complicated things they ever dry clean are police uniforms and business men's dress shirts.

    I know it's pretty trivial to get this a-retentive over a "cheap" H bag, but I really don't want to ruin it.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how to clean it? It has the leather handles and wool body with cotton lining. I was thinking of hand washing only the part with the spot, but I'm afraid I may discolor it. HELP!!
  2. You may want to try oxyclean carpet cleaner. I am not kidding you. It works magic on Hermes silk scarves and I am using it to clean anything non-leather that I dont' want to have dry-cleaned.
    Try on a little spot first and see how it goes.
    For the peanut butter spot you have two options: normal dishwashing detergent (which use too on anything greasy silk) or cornmeal (to soak up the grease).
    Good luck!
    The only important thing is that neither cleaner nor detergent has bleach in it.
  3. Thanks so much, Hello!! I will try it right now!
  4. other brands work too, like Vanish. Just check that they don't have bleach in!