How to clean Monogram Vernis wallet?

  1. I've Monogram Vernis Billfold with Four Card Slots wallet. The pink leather gets dirty easily, I am wondering do anyone know how to clean it? Many thanks!!!!:heart:
  2. Someone (my memory fades) said she got good results by using Mr. Clean magic eraser. You could check the LV reference library. There lots of threads about how to clean various LV materials.
  3. ^ Yep i heard that to , But i think you still better check!
  4. Mr. Clean didn't work on the outside. It actually showed some scratches on my key and change holder. It worked on the inside though... any other suggestion?
  5. Lavender oil!!
  6. Baby wipes (alcohol free)
  7. Very-slightly-damp cloth.
  8. I am sorry I am asking my own question under your posting.. (just signed up and they would not allow me to post yet);
    I have vernis wallet and notice a small black spot on my wallet? any of you have idea what this might be? i cannot remove it whatsoever,, what should i do :sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad::sad:
    photo.JPG photo copy 19.jpg
  9. It looks like this might be color transfer which happens when something darker colored rubs against your LV and deposits, "transfers" its color onto your vernis piece. This happens with vernis as well as Azur items. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do. Try to make sure sure that you don't have leaking pens in your purse or papers such as receipts that can transfer color onto your wallet.
  10. This is color transfer. It's permanent. Sorry this happened. Whatever you do - do not EVER use magic eraser on vernis. It won't help color transfer and will ruin your wallet.