How to clean Monogram Mini

  1. My wife has a blue Mono Mini and it had gotten quite dirty anyone have a preferred method of cleaning?

    Thanks to the mods for creating this site and to all you ladies for the information posted on here.
  2. Mono Mini is actually very easy to clean. Here's what I do:

    - use a mild lingerie cleaning solution and dilute a bit with water
    - take a clean washcloth and wet it with the solution
    - rub the area on the bag that needs cleaning - it may foam a bit but no worries
    - use another clean cloth and wet with fresh water
    - go back over the area and rinse - you may need to repeat to get all the soap out
    - use another clean cloth and press against the wet area to absorb as much water as possible
    - let dry

    Try not to soak the area

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for the great advice, Addy!:flowers: I think that I'm going to need it since I just bought the mini lin speedy in dune ... I just know I'm going to mess it up somehow! Would you recommend spraying it with Shining Monkey?
  4. I second Addy's recommendations -- I also have used magic eraser to get out some nasty spots. It did make the fabric a bit stiff, so I don't think I'd advise it for the whole bag, but it did wonders for small areas (like bottom corners) on my navy Lucille GM which were showing some dirt and wear.
  5. ^Hi Addy!:flowers: Is this from my previous thread about grease on my Mono Lin? :sweatdrop:
  6. I use Apple Guard spray to protect my Mono Mini items - sweeping motion from a distance, NOT directly onto the fabric
  7. I don't think I posted on your Mono Lin thread? :confused1:

    In any event, grease will set if you apply water to it so I wouldn't put any water on a grease stain. Contact your dry cleaner and see what they recommend for grease stains. For my clothing, I use dish soap directly on the area as it is a grease-cutter. Works every time but I have NEVER used it on my handbags... I would contact a drycleaner first.

    Not sure if LV could tell you what to do... :s
  8. well...i kind of messed up my poor josephine :s and i was trying to get a small stain out and ended up getting a pinkish stain (i have the cherry one) around the area, like the color from the mini monograms spread :shocked:
    is there any hope for it? it was used when I bought it so I'm not terribly upset, but...still.....can i still try to get it out?
  9. I would suggest dry cleaning.....
  10. Is this thread about mini monogram or mini lin? ...because they are very different, in my opinion!

    Anyway I have both, and have gotten both quite dirty. I was able to wipe off food and dirt stains off the mini monogram (light khaki color) with paper towel and water, which were all I had since I was at school. The mini lin had gotten deodorant on it, which took hours to get rid of but eventually faded using water and a tiny tiny bit of laundry detergent.
  11. hi, all! i have a beautiful cherry josephine gm and well, after years of use, it is starting to look a little dirty. unlike my speedy canvas that i can wipe clean, this is canvas/material and is not coated so it shows dirt easily. any suggestions on how i should clean this? any assistance would be appreciated! :smile: thank you all so much!!!:hugs:
  12. I have a blue Josephine and have cleaned the outside and the lining with the gentle carpet cleaner called Folex. If you're in the US, it's available at home stores like Home Depot. It's really gentle and won't discolor the bag.
  13. i was wondering if a carpet cleaner would work. thanks so much for the info. i am all over it! woohoo! clean josephine, here i come! thank you are just so awesome, lvbabydoll!!!

  14. Has anyone tried the dry cleaners? Does it work?