how to clean miu miu coffer

  1. hi guys, i got this miu miu coffer in cannelle about a month ago and have used it on off since and it seems that there is rubbing from my jeans ( ia lwways wear black jeans) and i dont know how toc lean it.. can anyone suggest anything.. ive attached a pic of the handle so u can see what i mean and those black marking are pretty much all on the back too

    05022006421.jpg 05022006422.jpg
  2. no one?
  3. hi baby boo, i think you can try calling miumiu stores to check with the SA, even if they cannot offer a solution, they should at least know of some places you can try for eg, professional bag cleaners.
    from what i know, once dye or colouring gets into leather, its almost impossible to get it out because that happened to my coach leather bag!
    hope you'll have more luck :yes:
  4. Email Barb from She works magic and knows just abt evrythng about leather.
  5. ^ita!