how to clean josephine pm

  1. does anyone know how to clean the untreated exterior canvas of a josephine pm? thanks in advance.
  2. I had these weird stains on mine that look like splashed food stains, and they came out very easily by just blotting them with a wet paper towel! It also dried right away as well.
  3. i bring mine back to the store and let them clean it but that doesnt really clean mine...

    just bring them back to the store and let them try to clean it.

    Hope that helps :heart:
  4. is josephine pm a good bag for everyday use??? i saw one on ebay and i really like it...thanks! :smile:
  5. I have a Josie PM in khaki TST and I love it! It opens up really wide and is large enough for all my daily items (Palm, billfold, cosmetic case, cell, key holder, cles plus more).
  6. I use a very mild lingerie detergent and a small soft nail brush. I mix a drop of the detergent with a little water and dab it on, use the brush gently on the material (don't soak the area) and then rinse with a clean damp cloth, air dry and voila! Good as new!

    It depends on how dirty the area is - sometimes just a damp cloth and a gentle wipe will do.
  7. i have this in Navy TST and it's one of my favorite everyday bags. it's so easy to take care of, and can hold a lot :yes:
  8. thanks girls...saw one on cherry...i think ill get it :yes: