How to clean Ivory Stam

  1. Hi Ladies:

    Does anyone have this same problem too? My Ivory Stam is all dirty especially around the edge pipping areas. What can I use to clean it? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.

  2. ^ My SA from MJ boutique uses Meltonian Boot & Shoe Cream Polish to clean MJ bags.
  3. I've used Apple garde leather cleaner on my calcaire(ivory) bbag, it had the same problems as what your describing and it worked like a miracle! Lots of girls in the forum highly recommend this brand.
  4. In addition to what thithi and bag.lover said, I've also heard girls mention baby wipes with aloe vera for a quick cleaning at the end of the day. I've never used it myself, but that's what I've read. HTH!
  5. What about cleaning chalt goatskin patent? I have the bowler, and it gets denim colored stains in its wrinkles. Any suggestions?
  6. Would the alcohol in baby wipes dry out (and eventually crack) the leather?
  7. ^ Definitely get the alcohol free version of baby wipes....