How to clean Hermes scarves

  1. Hello, does anyone know how Hermes scarves should be cleaned? Thank you!
  2. I thought they were dry clean only.
  3. that's what they SAY -- but cold water and very mild, unscented soap (like ivory powder) has always worked fine for me. The chemicals in dry cleaning solution can actually be pretty harsh. plus, they go and staple a nasty drycleaning tag to the scarf :rant: .

    i spread the scarf flat to dry and then warm-iron when still slightly damp -- make sure you use an iron that doesn't have starch residue on it. White tissue over the scarf will help avoid snags from the iron. edited to add: don't iron over the hems or you'll squish them!

    don't i sound like miss domestic? which is pretty funny, as hubby does our laundry! (but i do take care of my scarves and vintage linens myself.) anyway, try at your own risk -- but i loathe dry cleaning chemicals and this works for me. put "to catch a thief" on your vcr and iron away!
  4. thank you!