How to clean hardware

  1. I received a bag I ordered from an outlet, sight unseen, and the silver-colored hardware (strap rings) is discolored. Any suggestions on how to clean it?
  2. Do you know if its silver material? Maybe you can get one of those silver cleaners/cloth from the silver jewelry store?
  3. ^^I agree..but if it's just coated I don't think there's anything you can do about it. I have a Michael Kors bag that has silver-ish hardware and it's all spotted up and tarnished...not very pretty. I've tried everything and it's just that way permanently now. :sad:
  4. find out whether it IS or IS NOT silver, to begin with! then, you can use an inexpensive silver cleaner (like for nice silverware) on the bag if it is real! just make sure to cover up or protect your bag from that cleaner at all cost!
  5. Hmm...I just tried a silver jewelry cleaning cloth and it didn't do anything.
  6. I got a dior bag that has tarnish silver color hardwares; I just use a cloth & rub it...& now, it's all shiny again.
  7. That's what I always use. Works like a charm! It's a good policy to test it on a discrete place first, just to make sure the finish can take the polishing side. Try giving it a bit more "elbow grease" Tammy. Sometimes that junk can be stubborn.