How to clean handles?

  1. That one's untreated. I think cleaning with baby wipes least the LV forum members swear by them.
  2. Yeah, it's untreated. I have a couple of the bumblebee bags and have noticed other ones in the store under the display case lights getting darker.

    I used baby wipes (alcohol free, fragrance free) on my LV vachetta and it took out a color transfer from blue jeans. I would think it would help on this too.

    Don't use a toothbrush... that would scratch it up.
  3. i have a black medium top zip tartan with pink leather handle.. does baby wipes work with this too? i haven't tried it but the leather looks hopeless.. i've tried a leather conditioner from bally, it works well with my other bags.. but miserably failed with this dooney
  4. When I was at Macy's, an SA said to use ivory soap, water, and scrub lightly with a toothbrush to clean Dooney & Bourke handles. But, I'm not sure as to how that would work to darken them.
  5. wouldn't the toothbrush scratch the leather and damage them?
  6. i just tried using the mr. clean magic eraser
    and that seemed to work pretty well for me.
    : D