How to clean Gucci canvas/leather purses?

  1. Hi,

    Anyone know whats the best way to clean a gucci abbey bag? its mostly canvas with dark brown leather trims and gold hardware. i actually just want to clean the canvas, but will soap damage the leather or gold hardware? any help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!
  2. Could you post some photos so we could have a look at the damage, if there is any?
  3. Yes, I need help with this too. Please ladies, list cleaning products you use, and where they can be purchased! TIA!
  4. Hi,

    I have a black wild boar leather abbey bag, can I clean and maintain it with the apple care and apple garde?:rolleyes:
  5. any 1 know how to clean the gucci double GG belt metal plate ?
  6. i know some people have used the coach signature cleaner and others use baby wipes!
  7. Is it tarnishing? If not, for a quick shine, I use a silver polish cloth, the type w/ two different texture, I use the outside one (usually in blue).
  8. I use apple garde for all my leather bags and trimmings, so far so good :tup:
  9. wats the silver polish cloth ? its juz a cloth or with liquid ? any cure to make off the scratches on the metal plate ?

  10. Thanks. So can I use the apple care on my black abbey bag in wild boar leather as I 've saw some creasing on the side of bag.;)
  11. i swear by baby wipes. it's amazing and gets rid of all dirt stains.
  12. I have a brown gucci logo bag and it has a blue stain on it from wearing it with denim jeans ...can someone help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sad:

  13. So do I!!! I also just give my bags a quick wipe over when I change from bag to bag...
    Baby wipes are more of a maintainence for me....