How to clean glazing for Empreinte items

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  1. I bought marine rouge empreinte items (cles and speedy) and the glazing gets 'black'/dark marks. I tried cleaning it with baby wipes (no alcohol types) but I'm not sure if this is recommended or might hurt the glazing in the long run.

    Can you share how you clean yours if ever? thanks
  2. I know this thread is old but I just recently came back on the forum.

    Anybody can help with this? My empreinte zippy wallet has some black/dark/dirt marks too and I'm wondering if there's a way of cleaning it.

    Thanks in advanced!

    *pics for reference* 20200130_162342.jpg 20200130_162352.jpg
  3. How old is your wallet? I'm not an expert on this, but it almost looks like the glaze melted onto the fabric part of your zipper. I would take into LV for evaluation..
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  4. It's about 5 years old. It was purchased in 2015.

    I dunno how it got that way. I don't think it was heat. I always put it in my purse, but then I wear "everyday" bag most days so I don't have to baby it (I live in NYC). And sometimes my purse gets dirty :sad: I thought it's some kind of dirt.

  5. I would bring it in and have it evaluated it does look like the glaze melted into the fabric.
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  6. Like others said, take it in as the glazing was a bad batch on those made in 2014 so if you purchased in 2015 there is a good chance it was made in 2014
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  7. Oh, I didn't know the glazing was a bad batch in 2014. I'll take it to LV and have them evaluate then.

    Thanks, y'all!!
  8. What color zippy was this? I have 2 from the impacted time frame and customer service is trying to tell me the zippy wallets weren’t impacted by the glazing issues. Clearly they were.
  9. Just saw this. Not sure the exact name of color but it's wine, burgundy color?

    Went to LV in Soho yesterday. I told them about the glazing and that I heard the 2014 batch had problems. Then they asked for my phone number to look up for purchase history. Thing is, I bought it preowned. I do have the box and receipt but there's no phone number and the ink is not visible anymore.

    Anybody know their policy for this? She did say that I can bring in box and receipt and they can replace it. Maybe she's just saying it. Anybody can help??

    Thanks in advance!! :smile:
  10. If you bring in receipt and such, I'm sure they'd move forward. I could have been a gift for all they know. I don't know why they are making it such a hassle.
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  11. If you know the buyer’s name/phone number, provide it so they can proceed with your exchange or store credit.

    LV is strictly enforcing their proof of purchase policy for defective items. They are supposed to check client history or receipt. There were many people purposely buying items in the resell market with defect issues and then returning them for store credit. There’s always abusers! Because of this, LV is requiring proof of purchase to issue store credit or exchange for a defective item. Keep in mind that there are exceptions to this policy at the managers discretion. Recently, I had two defect returns and my client history was reviewed to verify proof of purchase.
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  12. That makes sense. I brought in a emp cles and the SA didn't believe me about defects and returns and balked about an exchange, but the manager looked up my purchase profile and allowed me to exchange. I was the original purchaser in this case, but I didn't think about people buying defective items to get store credit.
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  13. Yup! The recall on the Artsy for cracked canvas is one example. Some people are just savage scammers and they ruin it for the good people.
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  14. I have her name but I think she mentioned that it was her ex husband who bought it.

    On a second thought, I just checked the receipt again and I can see her husband's name on the payment receipt and LV receipt. It was purchased in Neiman Marcus, San Antonio,Texas.

    I don't have a phone number. Shall I go back?

    Thanks so much!!
  15. All you need to do is provide that info to the CA and he/she should take care of you. Please keep us posted with the outcome.