How to Clean False Eyelashes

  1. Hi all, I tried searching this forum on how to clean false eyelashes, but I couldn't find any posts. :confused1: Anyway, I just bought a pair of Shu Uemura false eyelashes, and I was wondering how I should clean it. I usually put a coat of mascara after putting on the fake eyelashes, and I'm not sure if I should just wash it off with water or if there's some sort of fake eyelash cleaner. :confused1:
  2. I love falsies, and I wear them whenever I go out on evenings and weekends. I have never found an eyelash cleaner. I have tried using water, but they never hold their shape very well after I have worn them once. I uses to buy MAC lashes for $11.00, but now I jus buy cheap ones and toss them after every use. I gave up daily lattes at Starbucks to afford this habit.
  3. Sorry I don't know..I usually toss mine after using them. If I find a way to clean them I might re-use them since falsies are so expensive. People think my natural lashes are falsies so I rarely wear them anyway.
  4. I have been wearing them everyday. I'm not a fan of using mascara on them because it becomes one more thing to clean off of them. I usually just remove them at the end of the day, gently pull the glue off and run an alcohol pad along the base to remove what's left over.
  5. i use the ardell lash glue in the tube
    after i use them, i use a tweezer and i pick off all the glue. try it! it works really well. the glue comes off really easily. i re-use lashes 3-4 times and then i toss them.
  6. i don't put mascara on false eyelashes as i think they're thick and dark enough. so i only need to pick off the glue after using them. i reuse it 3 times max. an SA at shu uemura told me that for thicker ones, i can reuse it maximum 7 times, but i wouldn't wanna go that far.
  7. i dip a Q-tip on a little makeup remover & clean along the lashline of the fake lashes to get rid of the remaining excess glue & mascara... then again along the lashes if that makes sense :confused1:
  8. :bump:

    anyone got suggestions on how to clean false eyelashes? is it okay to just pick off the residue glue with tweezers or is there some other way to get rid of the glue.. i.e something that dissolves it?

    And how long or time you should use a pair of false eyelashes...

    I was under the impression that you reuse them a lot but a lot of the previous posters said they chuck after one use ! eeek ! :confused1:
  9. this is what i do as well :yes:
  10. Pull as much glue off as possible, then soak in warm water to take of the rest of the glue, then wrap round a pencil and use an elastic band or bobble to keep them on the pencil. i just soaked them in eye make up remover for a couple of minute to get rid the mascara before re-curling them on the pencil.
  11. I have very recently gotten in a false eyelash habit too (I just really love the way they look). I use Ardell lashes with Ardell glue and I've found it works well to just hold onto the tray to use as a form. Be VERY careful/gentle picking off the excess glue, I have accidentally pulled out the lashes doing that. I run mine under warm water and run both sides over the backs of my hands and GENTLY between my fingers, that seems good at getting the mascara off. Then while it's wet I lay it onto the form it came in and it seems to hold it's shape. I like the idea of soaking it in eye makeup remover a lot, I may have to try that.

    I wear mine until they look like they need replacing, which is not that often. Is that unsanitary? I wash my hands before messing with them.
  12. I don't clean mine, I just pull off the glue on the bond super gently.
  13. lashes are relatively cheap, I don't understand why people use them over and over instead of applying a new set.
  14. I use Ardell as well, I take an eyelash comb and comb it through after each use to get rid of mascara clumps and then i pull the glue off the lash line