How to clean dust cover??

  1. I am just wondering if anybody wash their dust covers.
    Is it machine safe? If not, what should I do?
    Please share your experience!
  2. can you machine wash it?
  3. I would think not....maybe handwash with mild detergent.......
  4. just toss it in the dryer, it will get any dust out. Why would you need to wash it ?

  5. They are not dirty... I just thought they are in the closet for months or even years, shouldn't I wash them?? just curious how everybody does??:confused1:
  6. I never thought about cleaning the dust cover. If I need to clean it, I would just take it outside and shake it until the dust comes out of it.
  7. If they are not dirty and just stored away for a long time, you could try wiping them with a damp towel.

    I do not recommend washing them: I tried that ONCE several years ago - one of my dustcovers got dirty by mistake, so I handwashed it in cold water with very mild detergent and the dustcover shrunk. Thank goodness this was only one dustcover.
  8. I thought they should be machine washable, too. Tho it wasn't a LV dustcover, I got a couple dustbags off eBay that smelled a little and they shrank(is that a word?) after machine washing on delicate. The worst part is that the logo is nearly invisible now.

    If it's not dirty, I'd put it in the dryer, air only, no heat, and maybe outside in the fresh air. If dirty, I'd try what eyelove said--hand wiping. Last resort, I'd try Woolite and cold water.
  9. I guess i've never really thought about it. Personally i'd just toss it in the dryer to freshen it up :smile: get out the dust.. I dont think it would really get that dirty :shrugs:
  10. i wont really clean my dustbag. i prolly will just sun it a lil.
  11. Dryclean
  12. You guys will laugh but I would vaccum it with my little hand vacuum. I do that to clean the inside of my bags. =D

    I would be very careful about getting a drawstring dustbag wet as I had one that got a pen mark on it which bothered me so I handwashed in cold water only adding a little mild soap to the pen mark. It did not shrink but the brown color of the drawstring was not colorfast and so it bleed and stained the yellow cotton around the drawstring area so that it became a light pinkish color. The staining happened I believe when it was hang drying.
  13. I think it's's just cotton........ I wash all my nylon Prada bags and I htink that's a bit more precious than the LV dustbags and they come out just fine... I don't put it in the dryer tho, I let it air-dry and I think if you were to wash your LV dustbag, let it air-dry too otherwise it might shrink. However, if you don't have major stains that must be washed out, and say you just have some dust (or cat fur in my case lol) then I just take some packaging tape, press, and lift......kinda like waxing....haha but it works well!
  14. I washed it in the washing machine with non bio powder. Then, hang it till dry out. Still in shape, it's the old version dust bag, i even put it in the machine with drawstring ,no colour came off.

    My dust bag was so dirty because I left my bag next to the window so the dust bag sat next to the glass and it was winnter. So I got a patches of fungal all over it. Arghhhh so i definiety needed to wased it. But thanks to the dust bag , my bag (Deauville)was safe.
  15. i would put in the dryer for a little while, & spray it with febreeze to freshen it up