How to clean Dior monogram tapestry / canvas?

  1. Hi Dior ladies,

    I have a vintage (from the '70s) Dior monogram wallet. The monogram is the tapestry / embroidered canvas material. It was well used for years so is very dirty - the cream background is quite grey.

    What is the best way to clean the material? Has anyone done it? I can't put the whole lot in water, since it's leather around the outside.

    Someone said I should use that spray on and brush off carpet cleaner, which seems scary. Maybe I should just wet it and use wool wash detergent & a soft brush?

    Any advice from experienced Dior owners is welcome; thank you.
  2. Do you have Dior or designer boutique in your area? Ask them where they send there purses to be cleaned. If that doesn't help go to a GOOD dry cleaners and get them to spot clean it. Hope this helps, good luck
  3. best to bring it to a professional dry-cleaner, if you ring up dior, they should be able to take it in for you or refer you to their recommended dry cleaners.