How to Clean Dior Bags?

  1. Hey Ladies,

    With your help, I just got my first Dior bag!!!! YAY!!!!:yes::wlae::yahoo:

    It's a saddle bag with the blue logo. My question is does anyone know how to clean these bags? I don't want to just go at it and run the risk of ruining it.

    Any help is soooo appreciated!! :flowers:
  2. With the jacquard monogram logo I think I would leave it to the professionals, either a reputable dry cleaner or dior themselves.

    If it's just a small area a very slight damp sponge with no chemicals and then blot off any excess moisture.
  3. When I was at the dior store in Beverly hills, they were using the coach cleaner on some of their bags, so that might help... but the bag is already treated so I dont think a stain would show as much
  4. I have some Coach cleaner, but I'm scared to go to work on it for fear that I'll damage it...:wtf:

    When I spoke to Dior, they said they could clean it, but the chemical process they use alters the color of the purse and I wouldn't get it back for 8 weeks!!

    THUS, I'm going to try to shop around for a good dry cleaner and see what they have to say...

    Thanks for the words of advice ladies...I really appreciate it!! :woohoo:
  5. what eejits honestly...hello !? if the chemical process you use, damages the bag you have produced, then, well change the process! :hysteric: