how to clean coffer's handle?

  1. i love my coffer but it irritates me seeing these black stains on the handle.
    How do i clean it?

    applegarde's leather conditioner does not work. it works on the slight brass stain though.
    coffer handle.jpg
  2. What is the stain? Or did the color rub off??

    It's beautiful BTW.

    I have a light colored one too and the underside looks kind of like that too. I just leave mine. Sorry I'm not sure what to tell you right now.
  3. I have the same problem but I don't think anything can b done!


  4. it appears just on the underside of the handle. i am just trying to think that its dirt due to my daily usage and can be cleaned off but.... one part of me do thinks its actually a rub-off.

    the other parts of the bag are still in good condition. its sad to know it gets rub off so easily.