How to clean Coach tennis shoes white rubber?

  1. I have a few tennis shoes and since it is getting cooler I was pulling them out. However, I found that the rubber parts were pretty dirty. I tried rubbing alcohol as I usually do for white shoes, but it did only made the dirt lighter and did not affect some areas at all. What is the best way to clean Coach rubber parts on the tennis shoes? TIA!
  2. Mr Clean magic eraser and I have also used a baby wipe for the not so serious marks.
  3. ^^ i second that also. An SA at the boutique told me it cleans pretty good. I haven't cleaned mines yet but will let you know how it turns out as soon as i clean mines.
  4. Yup I agree babywipes are the best they clean almost anything!
  5. which one? baby wipes or magic eraser?

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    Oh oops didn't realize she mentioned two haha. I'm talking about the Mr. Clean magic eraser. I think I'm gonna try to clean them right now, i'm supposed to be studying but oh well hehe..BRB...

    ok back...the magic eraser cleaned my denim barretts really good. the top part is really white. i like how it turned out.

  7. great! thanks! I will give it a try...I can find magic eraser anywhere right? what part of the store would I supplies?
  8. Yes cleaning supplies , and those Magic Erasers work wonders!!!
  9. thanks! So I have heard! I always hear about them around the board...i wonder why I didn't think of it...but now I know!
  10. I have never used the magic eraser I am gonna try it my self I was actually talking about the wipes : }
  11. Wow I need to try these tips on my sneakers!
  12. "Fantastic" on a paper towel.