how to clean coach pastel scribble?

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  1. Hey girls,

    Just a question.
    My coach pastel scribble hobo is getting kind of grubby, and the color is fading! Is there a way that I can restore the color of the pastel Cs? Is there a way that I can clean it?

    Thanks, I appreciate it!!
  2. I have a wallet in the pastel scribble and while I like how the wallet functions (its a small zip) it does look just the slightest bit grungy. I was thinking of using a shout wipe to brighten it up but am afraid of making it look worse.
  3. I would try just mild soap and water. Don't use a Tide pen, it does really weird stuff to your bag.
  4. good old baby wipes.
  5. I called the coach hotline about 3 months ago for that. I have a scribble. This is what they told me. Warm water, soft bristle tooth brush && ivory soap. Small circular motions followed be a damn cloth. I asked why Ivory && they said Dawn was too harsh...
  6. great! thanks girls!