How to clean Cartier Love Ring

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post on here because I could not find the best answers to my questions. Anyways...I recently purchased a love ring. I know it will get scratches on it and do not mind, however, I’m concerned how I should clean it. I used my David Yurman polish cloth (the white side) on it last night to get off any grime, and am now afraid that I shouldn’t have done that as I’ve read polish cloths can take off a layer of gold (which I do not want!). I’m not sure if the DY cloths do that. I reached out to Cartier via FB and they said gentle cloths will not remove any gold. So, now I’m here wondering what is the best way to occasionally clean my Cartier love ring just remove any dirt. I’m thinking just rinsing and letting it air dry is good - but am curious what people use to clean any extra dirt/fingerprints. I honestly love the scratches as it gives the ring a history, plus removing gold damages the ring, so I’m just worried! If anyone has any tips, I’d appreciate it! Sorry for all of the details lol...
  2. I use cartier cleaning kit to clean my jewelry.
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  3. I use a soft brush and gentle soap to clean my gold
  4. I use an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine with Blitz Gem & Jewelry Cleaner Concentrate.
  5. Cartier cleaning kit and a polishing cloth made for gold that I got on Amazon.
  6. I soak in a jewelry cleaner from amazon (Pink Caribbean), and I clean all of my gold jewelry with the Mayflower Jewelry Polishing Cloth from amazon. It is crazy how shiny the bracelets get after wiping them with the polishing cloth, and you can literally see the black left behind on the polishing cloth.