How to Clean Burberry Bag?

  1. I'd love to know how to clean my Burberry bag - it's that plastic/canvas material. Anyone have any experience?

    Thanks!!! :yes:
  2. baby wipes!:yes:
  3. Thanks Swanky! :smile:

    I was wondering about baby wipes...they seem to be the answer to all bag cleaning questions!!! Baby wipes have worked on your Burberry bag?
  4. On the Nova Check stuff, I use a bit of gentle cleanser - like the kind for washing pantyhose, a tiny bit water and a gentle brush. Works like a charm!
  5. Thanks for the tip addictedtolv! I'm not very there a specific brand that you use?
  6. I never clean mine...hee-heee
  7. You can use Woolite or whatever is on the market for lingerie...
  8. Yes, I used baby wipes on my Burberry, ALL THE TIME.

    In fact, I was in the Burberry store chatting w/ an SA and she said "you know, those baby wipes you're using to clean your daughter's face are also perfect for cleaning this bag", I said "yep, I use them on it all the time! LOL!
  9. WOW...I'm doing it!!! Can't wait to see the results!!! :wlae:
  10. Hi everyone!
    This is my first time posting in a forum like I'm a bit shy :shame:
    I've also heard that baby wipes work like a charm on the burberry novacheck canvas. I haven't tried it myself, but the sales associate told me that she & her friend use them and they work wonderfully.
    I'm a bit scared to use the rubbing alcohol on stains because I'm afraid it will damange the canvas....

    Can someone please tell me if there is a existant 'protectant spray' that I can put on the canvas bags to reduce the damage done by every day wear?

    Thank you ^_^
  11. I've used Mr clean magic eraser on turned out fine. I'll try baby wipes though!
  12. I have used rubbing alcolhol to get rid of a penmark on a nova check bag I used to own and it worked fine. I dipped a Q-tip in rubbing alcolhol and it worked!
  13. cleaning my nova check right now, it's too dirty, not working :sweatdrop:

    just noticed the edge/corner started to crack/chip, how long do these bags last?

  14. definitely agree! baby wipes work! i juz clean my burberry bag. almost cried when i saw the stain thr...! baby wipes really helps!
  15. Hi, I'm 15 from Singapore.

    I tried baby wipes , chinese medicated oil and normal eraser. However the stain did not come off from my burberry wallet. I AM VERY DEPRESSED. Is they any other ways?

    Thankyou so much