How to clean baby stroller cushions

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I'm clueless about this. We just a really good baby stroller for our coming little one, and I think I should clean the cushions first. But I'm not sure - should I wash it in soapy cold water? Or do I send it to the dry cleaners? Or can I just Rainbow vacuum it?

    Can ladies with kids gimme some clue? Thanks so much!
  2. when you say cushions - do you mean the padding of the stroller?

    I never cleaned those because when my baby was lying in the pushchair I had covered it with cotton nappies so it would be more cosy and also easier to clean afterwards. once he got older to sit in it, it relaly didn't matter.

    if you mean proper cushions, like feather cushions, I would just wash the cover or get a cover that you can wash. dry cleaners will use chemicals if they can't put it in the washing machine and I am not convinced of that personally for a new born.

    isn't it fun to buy all these things??? which stroller did you get?
  3. I have so many things to buy I'm taking it slowly! I've bought only the stroller so far and using hand-me-downs where possible. We bought a Peg Perego cos it was light and sturdy, the one we chose. Almost bought a Macclaren though.

    Yes I'm refering to the padding/lining. I need to wash it somehow. But I'll use your nappy-lining idea after that. Thanks so much!
  4. Do you mean the lining? Check to see if it is removable if so there should be a tag with washing instructions. You can always use a sponge to wipe it down. Come join us in the parents thread :welcome:
  5. My DH washed the whole stroller using a hose pipe! No soap, just plain water and then he let it dry in the sun. He does this periodically for the high chair too.
  6. BTW congratulations!
  7. Thanks ladies! BTW, where is the parents thread?