how to clean and what style?

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  1. hey everyone! i just found this chanel in my mums closet. she had it polished once but not at a chanel store and it came back the wrong shade.:crybaby: . in one of the pics you can see the original colour on the inside. can any of you recomend a way to clean it back up? and also can anyone tell me the style/name of this bag? i know its lambskin with tortise shell. any help at all will be greatly apriciated! thanks!
  2. here are the pics
    chanel 001.jpg chanel 004.jpg chanel 005.jpg
  3. hi, i can't give u any adice about cleaning this :p
    but just wanted to let u know, it's gorgeous!
    teh CC tortoise shell is sooo pretty :drool:
  4. Yes! nice bag!
  5. Hi I was told by a hermes specialist that a good quality Face Cleanser works a trick,
    and I have used it
  6. oh thanks, will try that.. how about a leather moisturiser? will that work as well?