How to clean and protect Treesje

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  1. I had been searching on here for the best way to clean and protect these bags, but I cannot seem to find an answer. It could very well be right in front of my face, but I have missed it. Come someone offer me some info on how to do it, or point me to the right link? My red Audrey seems a little dirty, and I have a Turner coming that I think I might need to protect a little better. Any ideas? I don't want to do anything harsh to it, since I was reading in other forums that some cleaners were ruining the finish or taking the color out! TIA!:biggrin:
  2. Definitely read the thread. I have several Treesje bags & clutches. It depends some of the bags have a coating on it which if you use cleaner or stuff on it the bag won't have that shine or may darken. I used Wilson's Cleaner/protector on my electric blue Metro clutch to protect it but it made that lovely shine on the leather go away. It protected it but I didn't use this on my Pumpkin Asher since it had the special Treesje coating on the leather. And today it was snowing in Boston and I used my Pumpkin Asher and there are no stains on it or anything even though I didn't use protector on it. You can use Wilson's cleaning cloths on it to take off dirt. If you use that don't use it all over your bag just on the dirty or spot area that needs to be treated.
  3. Hm, I'm interested also in how to protect a Treesje. I just got my first Treesje--gray Marley--and am wondering whether I should spray it with Wilson's TLC or Kiwi protect-all spray.

    I read the above-mentioned care thread, but leather care really depends on the type of leather, right? Is there a reference around here with the types of leather used and how they should be treated? For example, which bags have the special Treesje coating?
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    I have a gray mini marley and I lightly treated that with Wilson's but with a fine mist because the Mini Marley leather is much more fine and softer than the Asher or Metro clutches. I would start out with a fine mist on the bottom of your bag and let it dry. If it looks ok after that to you then finely mist over the rest of your bag being careful not to overly saturate the bag since the leather is so fine.

    With my other Treeje bags like the Mason Cross body in Green, Pumpkin Asher, Metro clutches they have a shiny thin coating. You can tell on the leather it has a shine like coating which means its treated. But keep in mind when I treated my electric blue metro clutch before knowing this information it took the shine coating off when I used the lotion/Cleaner on it which didn't ruin it but the color isn't as vibrant as it was before. However, if my Mason Cross body I did lightly treat that with Wilson's and it worked out fine but it does depend on the type of leather.
  5. Ok, thanks for the advice purseprincess32! I did notice the leather of the Marley was much more supple than that of the Dylan (which I assume has a coating?).
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