How to clean a pen mark / ink stain

  1. Hello lovely pfers. I got a non-b-bag (sorry that I'm posting here, but this is where i feel most at home) with a pen mark on the leather. I read that coach cleaner can take it out....has anyone has success with coach? My AG didn't work at all, neither did the magic eraser.
  2. Is the ink mark fresh? I know is I rub a fresh ink mark with a white eraser, it comes out. I don't know about set in stains, though.
  3. I've never had a cleaner or conditioner remove ink, however, I've had mixed results with rubbing alcohol...sometimes it works and other times it does nothing (if used sparingly).

    Seems to matter most how porous the leather is whether alcohol can lift the ink off the surface. I use the little folded up pads from the first-aid kit at work. They have a nice fine edge to stay on top of the ink mark and not all over the bag.

    After I gently touch the ink mark with the alcohol pad (either the ink magically pulls up into the pad or not) I wipe it down with a wet towel and then condition the spot as it's a drying agent.

    If that doesn't work maybe a professional can get it out.
  4. thanks guys,
    it's an old ink mark, not that big, just a short blue line. i'll try the alcohol.

    anybody tried coach?
  5. didi, i just ordered some coach cleaner to try and clean up my anis (including some regular wear AND a little pen mark) should come soon and i can let you know how it works if you'd like!
  6. also, i've heard a lot of people have had success with it!
  7. oooh, thanks pippop! definitely post before and after pics!
  8. Whatever you do DON'T use Magic Eraser
  9. will do!:yes:
  10. Before i do any thing to it, i would suggest to call Balenciaga store in NY 212-206-0872 and they will probably guide you better. Good luck!:tender:
  11. If it's set in (old ink mark), I think only professional cleaners can get it out. I have a tiny ink mark on my bag from previous owner, and coach cleaner would not take it out. In fact, coach cleaner has a disclaimer that it shouldn't be used to clean out ink marks, and to leave it alone.
  12. Didi - Please be careful using alcohol. I used it on one of my Prada bags and it took off some of the color, along with the ink. By the way, I tried the Coach cleaner before I used the alcohol and that didn't work either.
  13. didi, i agree with lelgin... alcohol will lift off the color. don't use it!

    when we got our natuzzi leather sofa, it came with a leather kit... there is this stuff that looks like a thick chapstick. it just says ink remover. i tried to look at the label, but it's very generic looking... doesn't have a name. anyways, i tried it on one of my lambskin chanel bags and it took the ink right off without damage. miracle worker. i don't know where you could get this stuff though. leather furniture shop? leather shop? good luck though!
  14. coool...i'll look up ink remover for sofa, but my ink stain isn't big enough to really really bother me.

    why not magic eraser???
  15. I would'nt use alcohol. It is often a solvent for the paint itself as well, even though it will probably remove the ink stain.