How to clean a monogram Vernis purse???

  1. Hello!

    I have a bright red monogram vernis purse which I adore and I use it everyday! However, I have had it knocking about in a handbag and it's got a little dirty :crybaby: . Does anyone know how to clean this material?


    Paganangel! xxx
  2. I have several vernis bags (purple Sutton, fuchsia Reade and black fleur de leis pochette) and a fuchsia wallet. Normally I try wiping it with a clean cloth first and if it doesn’t come off that way I whip out the nail polish remover.

    Use nail polish remover (on a Q-tip or cotton ball, lightly moistened not dripping wet) and lightly rub it on the scuff marks. I’ve removed several white spots on my purple Sutton that probably was from rubbing against a white wall. I’d try it on a spot that is on the bottom of the bag first or a corner just in case it doesn’t work for you. Or if you don't feel comfortable with the nail polish take it to LV or a professional and they should be able to help you. Hope that helps!
  3. Wow, you're brave...don't know if I would try this...would make me nervous.

    Do you use, non-acetone polish remover?
  4. Hm...I dunno, I just grab whatever is available. Normally it's the Lippmann nail polish remover (love the scent and it's nice and gentle on my nails) or a cheapie from Walmart.

    Honestly, I was scared the first time I tried it but I got the tip from a fellow LV addict and I trusted her advice. :flowers:
  5. I was going to try this with one of my Spring Streets. When I received it, there was a tiny mark right by some stitching. I used a qtip and non-acetone remover and as I slowly worked realized that it was a scratch through the leather, so the remover wouldn't do anything. I could get a very small paintbrush and use a tiny bit of acrylic to touch it up, but no one could notice it except me. I will probably do it eventually... but, no, never had a big ugly mark, have seen a few on vernis on ebay, and it's sad. They say polish remover works, but VERY carefully and lightly...