How to clean a keyboard?

  1. My keyboard is looking a little dirty between the cracks and all. I've never really super cleaned it so I need some tips? How do I make it cleaner than brand new?
  2. Buy one of those cans of pressured air (from Office Depot). It will blast all the dust out! Or you could try vacuming it.

    Alternatively, you could remove all the keys and clean them individually, but that would bereally labor intensive.
  3. i use the cans of pressured air, too. works really well. i kinda use it all around my computer/tv/etc, too.
  4. The cans of pressured air work great!
  5. Amateurs. Pop off all the keys with a flat head screwdriver, and stick the keyboard into the dishwasher. Dry thoroughly, replace keys and voila! Like new...
  6. I tried using a vacum and some of the keys broke, so Dell had to replace the keyboard.

    I want to try the air pressure thingy.
  7. I usually unplug my keyboard, spray some windex, and then rinse the entire keyboard under a sink to wash it. I then towel the keyboard dry, flip it upside down to dry overnight (so that any excess water drips out from the keypad), and I plug it back into my computer once all is dry.
  8. I ask my bf to do it. =D He uses the can of pressured air.

  9. EEEEEEEK! What?! It doesn't get into the electronics and stuff?! Because if it doesn't that's awesome, I pop all the keys off and manually do it. I'm also super lazy, so the keyboard is so dirty right now it's not funny, although the plus side is I put all the keys back in the wrong place and it throws off anyone else using the computer.
  10. Ohh Wow LOL!

    I'm going to try all of these!
  11. Every few days I turn it upside down and sort of tap the bottom so that all the ashes and crumbs can fall out.
  12. WE think along the same lines, every few days I pick it up upside down and violently shake it back and forth. Fun and useful!:nuts:
  13. I use the canned air and then run a folded in half post-it sticky (sticky side out) in the areas that still have dust (or cat hair in my case!)
  14. I use the pressure cans every week or so. If that, for some reason doesnt work then I pop all the keys off and clean it that way. If you pop all the keys off make sure you have a place to lay them so that when you put them back, you know where they go lol.
  15. I use a spray that contains ethanol I think.