How to Clean a Juicy Couture Terry cloth purse?

  1. For one... the black fades so no you were smart going the other way
    anyhow, DO NOT... AND I MEAN DO NOT! take them to the cleaners.. there's a place that you can send your purses to get washed... TRUST ME I had to learn the hard way =[
  2. oh ok, well do you think using mr. clean magic eraser would take off the color? I use Mr. clean for everything and it does work even on cloth sometimes.
  3. I wouldnt chance it if you like it... in my sympathic thread... it explains what happened to me :sad:
  4. I have the same question.
  5. So has anyone figured out how to clean a Juicy? I have a daydreamer, blue with yellow cherries and a ribbon. Velour. The canvas handles need to be cleaned. I'll get some leather cleaner for the leather parts. What about cleaning the inside? I saw the instructions where you take a little bit of soap to 30 parts water. I wonder if I threw it in the dryer with a Dryel sheet if that would mess it up??
  6. I would try using a damp cloth on the handles; if they are white, liquid soft scrub works great, I use it on leather shoes all the time!

    If it is a small stain on the terry or velour a Tide to Go stick might work too.
  7. I took mine to the dry cleaner just to be safe..
  8. Good ideas! Thanks ladies!
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  10. please stay on topic:yes: try a search first and if you don't find your answer please start your own thread.
  11. I had some colour transfer problems on a light coloured velour bag. I scrubbed it with a brush + detergent, literally just drenched the whole thing. I was so worried about the velour texture...but nothing happened to the texture! My bag is a lot cleaner now and the original colour transfer is all gone. In fact, my bag has been less prone to dirt for some reason.

    THE PROBLEM: The colour on the leather trimming on the Juicy bag itself came off and stained the velour. So if you're doing a DIY at home, I think it'll be fine as long as you make sure not to get any of the leather trimming wet.
  12. Tide to go pen! Love them!
  13. glad to read this, i have a velour juicy bag i haven't worn yet, and i was worried about how to clean the thing eventually. i've never used a fabric bag before i always buy leather. the velour is so soft and nice.
  14. hey ladies! Have you tried any of the methods above? I'm really scared to ruin my terry bag's soft feel to it so pleaseeee let me know!!:yahoo:
  15. Does anybody know how to clean a Juicy purse? It is terry cloth with leather trim. I have taken it to several dry cleaners and they will not touch it due to the cardboard interior. This is for a customer of mine that I really would like to help out...PLEASE!!!