How to Clean a Juicy Couture Terry cloth purse?

  1. Hi, my new Juicy bag is sooooo dirty =( It's yellow but has a HUGE brown spot(s) from dirt and stuff =( I don't know how to wash it tho~ Soemone said dryclean it- but then someone told me NOT to dryclean. So can I handwash? Can someone help me please? Thanks sooo much :crybaby:
  2. I'm so sorry about your dirty bag:crybaby:. I have purchased a number of the Juicy terry bags for my daughter and we have never had any success trying to clean them. She ends up tossing them because they get so completely trashed. One of her friends put hers in the washer, with pretty hideous results. I hope someone knows what to do.
  3. If it were me, I would handwash as briefly as possible in the sink in cold water with woolite, and then partially air dry then finish with bow dryer to fluff the terry. Good luck!
  4. Terry bags pick up dirt so easily. What really sucks is that Juicy doesn't come with care instructions on how to keep your bags clean. I have a light blue bag that needs to be washed every two weeks, so I try to avoid using it even though I love it. Since no one has a perfected method of doing it, here's what I do and it has been successful so far:

    - Massage liquid laundry detergent into the area (you can also use one of those concentrated pens)
    - Use damp cloth and further massage until most of the dirt is gone and it's diluted
    - Remove remaining detergent by "washing" it off with another cloth or towel; scrub and rub until the detergent is gone, then re-wet your cloth and scrub with just water
    - Let dry completely (usually overnight), then fluff up terry by rubbing a dry towel over it in the opposite direction that the terry cloth dried in.
    - Repeat if necessary!

    That pretty much does the trick for me. I hope it works for you, too!
  5. ^ Good advice! That should work.

    Aww, I'm sorry your daughter had to toss her precious bags away. :sad: If the advice given in the previous post works out, maybe it can help save her future ones. ;)
  6. Thanks for your words of consolation LadyV. I looked over one of her Juicy Bags today and can't believe the shape it's in. I suppose from throwing it under her desk at school, etc. it got into its present condition. Next time we buy one, I'll try to stay on top of it. For now, she's carrying an Abercrombie canvas bag. For back to school, it's going to be leather!!!!
  7. if it's all around dirt then i wouldn't know what to do.... but try to stay on top of things.. and if it's just an isolated spot, my friend (who's a stylist) he taught me this trick... and it WORKS...

    i had one of the juicy couture terry baby fluffys, and we got a pen mark on it, plus some mud, what we did was we sprayed the spots with WINDEX, and left it on until sank in and dried(maybe an hour? even longer) and then we wiped it off with a wet cloth...

    give it a try!
  8. thanks so much you guys =*)

    you guys are the best. ill give these a try over the weekend :heart:
  9. hehehe reminds me of "my big fat greek wedding" "Put some Windex on it!"
  10. i got a juicy couture daydreamer last year and it is very versatile its my everyday throw around bag. its pink terry with brown leather trim. but the pink terry is very light and has gotten dirty over time. how can i clean the terry without messing up the leather? any suggestions? do others have this problem? advice!!
  11. handwash it like you would your lingerie, luke warm/cold h2o in a sink with a gentle laundry detergent. lay to dry:smile:
  12. but when the terry gets when it clumps?? aahh! mines got a big purple mark on and looks ruined, how can i get this out please help it cost me like £200!! lol xx
  13. I wasnt really sure where to put this thread but I have several Juicy Couture handbags and several of them are terry cloth, or velour, and I was wondering how would you clean a terry cloth bag? I have a pink terry cloth bag that is getting a little dirty, I should have gotten a black one but too late now. Any ideas?
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  15. i'd toss it in the washer on gentle and let it air dry.