How to clean a denim baggy


Dec 8, 2007
Sunny Phoenix
Hi! I bought a denim baggy almost a year ago. I use it everyday except for travel, when I use my big LV speedy. I adore my denim as it is just so comfortable to use and deceptively roomy. My question to you pros, How would I clean the denim? I guess I could call the LV store, but I thought I'd ask here first. I like to use this bag for everyday, but sheesh, it was a very expensive bag and I don't want it looking like crap in the next couple of years. I am not neurotic with it. It gets placed on floors etc..., but I am noticing that in certain light the bottom is looking somewhat (not very noticable) dingy.I'd like some advice as to how I can clean it. Thanks!


Oct 17, 2007
Atlanta, GA USA
I just bought a never used Baggy GM Fuschia and was wondering the same thing. I decided to spray mine with fabric protectant and that should help some. I also carry with me a Tide To go Pen. I have used that for all sorts of stains and it works. I will use it to spot treat anything that gets on it.

People on the board have also mentioned that baby wipes without alcohol should also do the trick to freshen up any dust or small spots.

Be careful with the denim, but the good thing is that denim is supposed to look worn, so a few spots here and there will make it look like it's worn...I plan on using the Tide Pen and baby wipes and the protectant spray. I hope that's enough.

MY Gucci bags are dry cleaned, but the boutiue sends them off for that and they look great. They have some way of treating the fabric without damaging the leather.

I am not sure if LV has that same service. If they do, I would have them handle it and send it off for cleaning. If they don't, I will use the products I mentioned and hope it can stay looking great.