How to clean a coach satin handbag?

Jan 20, 2009
Hi ladies, I tried searching but didnt come up with anything on this topic. I apologize, if there is already a previous post on this subject and please move this post to the right area.

I have a coach satin bag that I've been carrying lately and the weather where I am is hot and humid. I always carry my bag on my shoulder between my arm and body and pretty much most of the time I'm sweaty. My bag is black so the stains are not visible but I know its stained with sweat. Any suggestions on how I can clean my bag? I dont need to clean the interior, just the exterior part. TIA!


No wire hangers!
May 13, 2009
San Antonio, TX
I'm thinking about taking my resort Sabrina to the dry cleaners. I don't know how to clean the sating either. Has anyone gone the dry cleaner route before?? I'd love to know what to expect. It's scary to think about dropping my baby off and leaving her.