How to Clean a Coach Hampton Diaper Bag

  1. I have a Coach Hampton Diaper Bag -scarg print
    I rubbed it against the truck and now it has some black marks on it, like grease, how do I clean it?
  2. I've used a damp soapy washcloth on the coach nylon before and it worked wonders. You could also try baby wipes, a lot of folks have had good luck with those.
  3. If it's the scarf print, I've always had luck with the tide to go pen! I have the legacy stripe wallet, wristlet and shoes and it takes all of the dirt off mine...
  4. Ditto...the Tide To Go pen works wonders on scarf print, or just about any fabric. The trick is to clean it ASAP, before the stain sets in. I got a new silk Coach scarf yesterday. I flipped it over my head and got lipstick on the white silk:push:. I whipped out the TTG pen, rubbed it a couple of times, and the lipstick was completely gone:yahoo:.

    I've also had great success having scarf print dry cleaned. Good luck!!