How to clean a canvas/fabric Gucci?

  1. My pleasure.

    Don't forget that an 'insurance valuation' is the price it would be to replace and not what the bag is actually worth.

    I would expect it to out on a shelf at a vintage shop in London for £200-300 maybe less on eBay. Where you sell it is as important as how much for. I am very happy your keeping it though, great bag :tup:

    It would be interesting to know what the experts Christies think. Perhaps you could let us know.
  2. I certainly will! I've submitted my Chocolate Suede as well, just for giggles.
  3. Very interesting! Please keep us posted :tup:
  4. I most definitely will, though it may be awhile. This is what they send once you've submitted:

  5. Ok so my 3 week old canvas gucci has some color transfer from my dark jeans. I was paranoid when carrying the bag when i had these jeans on, but no matter how careful i was, the inevitable still happened. What can i use to clean the canvas?? HELP PLEASE!
  6. Hi jaimesp1981 ! Welcome! If you can, I would phone a Gucci boutique and ask them or if there is one conveniently located near you, I would bring the bag in and show them. For a nominal fee, they repair their bags.
  7. Ok ladies, I've tried almost everything to clean my Gucci canvas messenger bag and have FINALLY found something that works! OxiClean! My bag was badly stained from black and dark denim dyes in my jeans. All you have to do is, wipe your bag with a damp cloth and apply OxiClean with either a toothbrush or nail brush (a nailbrush covers a larger area, so it makes the process much faster) then scrub the bag really well. I let my test area sit for only 5 minutes the first time and I could definitely tell a difference. When I saw it was working, I cleaned the whole bag this way but let the OxiClean sit on the bag for 15 minutes after I scrubbed it really well. My bag looks brand new again!
    * Caution DO NOT leave the OxiClean on the leather portions of your bag because it will bleach it. I accidentally left mine on a very tiny spot, and it turned out lighter than the original color leather... thank goodness it's on an area that is not visible.
    Hope this discovery helps someone else! :smile:
  8. I used some resolve with Oxiclean in it..worked like a champ :smile:
  9. I didn't want to make a new thread so I figured I would revive this one.
    My new beige/ebony fabric tote has some light black stains from my super washed out black skinnies and I don't know what to do!

    I've only found tips for canvas so far, none for fabric!! :[

    Please help :[
  10. This too I'd like to know. I stained my bag while carrying it. The dark denim ink from my pants rubbed against it :sad:
  11. Dee. The canvas bags they are referring to are the beige/ebony fabric. The GG logo fabric is often referred to as canvas. I hope this helps. Try out their cleaning tips...should do the trick! ;)