How to clean a canvas/fabric Gucci?

  1. I read that COACH fabric cleaner works very well!
  2. prepare...?


    buy scotchgard by 3M...

    it's a waterproof-er spray!

    people say it's all good!

    i'm going to try it too when my bag arrives...

  3. Hi Madein18, please let me know where can i buy scotchgard by 3M? Thanks dear!
  4. let me know how it works out...if it works out I will do it too?

  5. i was meetin me friend one was raining and of course i didn't have my umbrella with me..
    i had my new Dkny skirt(blue)
    and it was all wet and when i was carriing my gucci bag with me that blue color was all over my baby...
    i went to the dior store first i didn't see that..and the lady behind the counter tell me you ave blue color all over your bag..when i saw it i almost been cryiing..but she took a makeup remover tissue (alcohol free)and start taking off that blue cloor off my bag..she even give me a bag to carry my baby in..and when i get home..i been cleaning it again..and when it dry out..nothing there...i'm so lucky..
    and lady in gucci tells me if i can't take it off she'll send me to the gucci to clean that out..

    so if u have any of these problems try first alcohol free wipe..
    if isn't helping just send to the gucci they will clean it for u...
  6. I have a medium pelham with the beige fabric and my jeans have rubbed off on it do you clean?
  7. Hi, I've just bought a fabric Sukey.
    Is there a fabric cleaner that I can buy just in case it gets dirty?
  8. i use shout wipes
  9. oh really? that works good? it doesnt damage the bag? thanks!
  10. it worked for me :biggrin: but just dab at the stain, don't rub. rubbing with mess up the fabric.
  11. good to know...thanks..i will keep this in mind if I ever get a stain on my bag

  12. Ok thanks! I dont have one that has a stain right now though but I know now what will be useful.
  13. I use the coach cloth cleaner. I think its like $10.00 but it works well for me.
  14. one SA told me.. for gucci canvas, you can use soup water to wet a clean cloth and then just rub on the spot and then press dry it and let it air dry.. the stain will be gone..

    I tried it several times.. work like magic for me!
  15. Soup Water.... Like chicken noodle soup?