how to choose!

  1. I love all the different combos of canvas! The jade, the brown and the denim! How to pick!

    I was thinking a demi, multifunction and maybe the small wristlet..
  2. I don't know!! Because I have the same dilemma!! :push: I love all of them! So I think I'm going to wait until I can see them in person, and see which one I gravitate towards IRL...

    I think they all look really fresh though!! :yes:
  3. ^^Yeah I'm hoping something jumps out at me.

    But something tells me they are all going to make me want to take them home!
  4. just get them all, aarti. seriously. :graucho:
  5. ^^thanks kallison for helping me choose LOL.

    They're all so cute and fresh! I'm in the process of getting rid of my azur pochette because i know I'd be carrying this then that.
  6. i do what i can to help. :p

    i personally like the brown for a bag. maybe get the accessories in something different?
  7. I agree, brown for a bag, denim for a wallet ... something in jade because I love the color :drool:
  8. you need to get something in jade.

    i like anotheremptysky's combo: brown is more function, so get that for the bag, denim or jade for the wallet and then something else!
  9. Im going to toss things up a little. I think I would actually like the bag in denim the wallet in a choco. and a cute charm to match both.
  10. I agree-I like a denim bag and a chocolate wallet. But which charm, which charm??? :confused1:
  11. i am NOT a denim fan of anything, but this denim line screams out to me.

    of course, i think you should get a set of each. :p but if you HAVE to choose...
  12. I do like that, the brown bag, would go with everything.

    but there is the denim...

    and the jade! what to get that in! I wish they made a small tote like the signature stripe tote in this line!!!
  13. :nuts: Oh wow!! That's a great idea!!

    The bag in brown and an accessory in jade!! I like the jade, but I have way too many blue/green bags... that would be a great compremise!!! Great idea ladies!
  14. charm! thats a whole other story! any suggestions would be great as well for that!
  15. The chocolate is lovely IRL, the photos of the denim sure are perty tho. Maybe I'll get a wallet in that color. =D