How to choose when you want so many...

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  1. Hi all! So a year ago I sold all my bags and started a new collection. With major lifestyle changes my old collection was not serving me anymore. Now I feel like I need/want a million bags...I currently have the Mews in DE, Montaigne MM in Empreinte (Taupe), Delightful PM in DA and a Favourite MM in Mono + various SLGs. I need a bigger cross-body bag, and have decided on the Speedy B 25, but cannot decide which print or Empreinte. I also desperately want a Speedy B 30 in Monogram, which will be my one and only "big" Mono bag. AND I also really want a colourful and fun Epi/Empreinte piece, perhaps the Alma BB in Hot Pink or a Speedy B 25 in a fun colour.... But I can only get one bag at a time, so what to do???
  2. oh, that is hard. I guess most of us here has that same dilemma. The thing that works for me though is I buy an item depending on my needs (which is really want) and I most of the time buy them whenever there is an occasion just how I like to do it for more sentimental reason. I don't have a summer bag so I bought one last March, don't have an LV wallet so I bought it for Mothers day, I need a catch all bag I bough a pouch 15 last month, I don't have a mono bag I bought a speedy 25 classic oh well, I am going in Vegas with DH & DD for thanksgiving which also happens to be my bday oops I think I need a cross body travel bag that can fit my stuff, DH's and 3 year old DD I will going to get a speedy 30 b in DE in November, for Christmas I will get another of their LE illustration type thing just to collect etc. oh well, we are going on a cruise or Disney or park next year I need the mini spring back pack that everyone on YT is raving about. So that's my system. I am just saying this is what really works for me since I don't have a lot of budget and sometimes I let myself to do impulse buys on slgs this might or might not work for you but you can always try it. Also, I like buying bags one at a time that way I get enough time to enjoy and make sure love the bag. Hope this helps and don't forget to post what you have decided getting. Goodluck.
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  3. When I found (find???) myself in this situation, I made a list. "My Handbag Collection." I wrote them all down - every bag that was on my mind. Then I made another list of all the situations/occasions for which I need a bag. And I matched bags from the first list to the second list. I realized, in this process, that some of the bags on the first list actually had no place in my life. I was obsessed with them as beautiful things, objects of art, but I realized I didn't really need to OWN them, you know? Or at least I could move them on to a "one day" list - a list of bags that I want to keep in mind, but that I don't need to plot and plan to acquire, like, immediately, because I'd basically be buying them for them to sit in my closet while I use other, more currently relevant bags. Not necessary.

    I refer to the "My Handbag Collection" list a lot - like, a stupid amount. I think about it. I think about which bags serve multiple purposes, and which bags can be kind of "signature" bags for particular things (like, "my travel bag" or "my going out to dinner bag"). I think of the bags on this list as ALREADY MINE, and I think of my collection as complete, even though I haven't actually purchased all the bags yet. But THINKING about my purchases as part of a whole collection, and considering where they fit, has prevented me from a lot of impulse buying, and it has helped me prioritize which bags to buy when.

    It's not AS much fun as a shopping spree, but it's still pretty fun to sit down and create, and then edit and curate, your fantasy collection. If you're a visual person, you might want to collect pics of all the bags and do a Pinterest board or just create a folder on your computer too.

    Best of luck!
  4. Thanks so much for taking the time to write your thoughts! That sounds like a very good system, I definitely want a collection that serves my needs and I think it's a great idea to buy when the need actually arises. Thanks again!!!!
  5. Thanks so much for your response, I LOVE the ideas of a list, a fantasy collection and a Pinterest board!!!!! OK, you have inspired me to try this out, will start compiling my list and fantasy collection. Thanks again!!!!
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  6. :smile: I just keep wanting them and dreaming of them
    I know.... Not much of a help :smile::smile::smile:
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  7. LOL, it's ok, nice to hear I'm not the only one at least :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:.