How to choose first BV??

  1. I have never owned a BV (in fact never owned a designer handbag!) This is a special (older!) birthday and I can't decide which one to buy.

    I want black and my budget is $3000. Since I will not have the luxury of going to a store and seeing them in person, I must reply on photos.

    I have narrowed it down to:
    medium shoulder bag (looks like a bucket bag) OR
    the campana--which size?? The medium is only 12.5 x 8--seems really small

    I like the idea of a closure at the top

    I can only pick one! Please help
  2. If you're getting your first BV, I suggest the classic Veneta hobo in size large in Nero (black).
    It's a shoulder bag and has a zippered enclosure.
    If you're petite, consider the same in a size Medium.

    Because they have more generous return policies, I suggest buying from Neiman Marcus, BG, or Saks. The boutiques are less generous even though it's a real treat to buy from one.

    To save money (and possibly allow you to get another (heh heh), consider gently used from a reliable reseller. You'll get a wonderful BV at a reduced price. Check out They have a lovely BV collection. And a few of the sellers are also members of tPF.
  3. Call Joyce in Atlanta GA USA
    maybe she can consign the bags you are interested in to you
    consignment works this way
    they send you the bags you want to see
    they place a hold on your credit card for the amount of bags plus shipping
    You have the bags for 24-48 hrs (forget which)
    if you keep the bags they charge your card
    if you return the bags they lift the hold
    they give you a return label for shipping and will even call UPS for you and schedule a pick up
    ask for Joyce she has worked for Bv for 7 years and knows her stuff
    Phipps Plaza. 3500 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30326-1222 ... Bottega Veneta. PHONE (404) 467-8705. Bottega Veneta is open today from 10am to 9pm

    most people start out with a Nero Large Veneta
  4. Great suggestion SS! I forgot all about consignment!
  5. good advice about dealing with Saks and Neimans. I have a history of returning so many items. Not being able to see the bags in person is very frustrating.

    I have been emailing and talking to a boutique store but now I am concerned that if I really am unhappy with my selection, it might be more difficult to return.
  6. I second the recommendation for the large Veneta. It is, to me, classic and quintessential BV.

    I have (or have had at one time!) the large and medium Veneta, a Campana, and the original Ball. I love them all, but I have JUST purchased my second large Veneta because it is such a perfect bag: light, luxurious, and so easy to use (comfy on shoulder or arm, and easy to locate items in it).

    I suspect the medium Campana "lives" a bit larger than what the dimensions suggest: I have the large Campana, and it is HUGE. I like it but don't love it--it's a bit bulky and items shift around in it quite a bit, so I think the medium might be more manageable but not exactly small. One note: it does not have a secure closure, which you've said you prefer.

    Hope that helps! Great suggestions here on where to buy--I second those too! :smile:
  7. BV Black/Nero is so classic. You make the right color choice for your first BV. I agree with grietje's suggestion. You can find one that is brand new or very gently used with less than boutique's price. Then, with $3k, you can get two bags instead of just one :smile: Make sure you authenticate it first in the authentication thread here before you purchase.

    As far as the style, I would also recommend Large Veneta for Nero. Medium Veneta is great, but I think it's more perfect for a pop color. I have both, Large and Medium. I love them both. Large is more casual and I have space. While medium is more dressy and a little bit tight for me, but it's dressier.

    Also decide whether you like hobo style like veneta OR you prefer more structured bag like Campana.
  8. I too am thinking of purchasing my first BV, and so far I am leaning towards this one: Woven Leather Medium Shoulder Bag (on Neiman's site). It does not have a name like Veneta, I am not sure how long ago this style came out, etc.

    I looked at many bags at the stores, and to me this seems the most practical and most comfortable on the shoulder. And I do like the shape of it better than that of Veneta.

    Does anyone have any experience with this bag?
  9. I have the smaller version of this (it's known as the Iron bag; not sure what the large one is called). For me, the smaller is a great flirty run around ba. I use it more for evening.

    I have seen this larger one and like the proportions. The price point is also good for a bag this size. It's also a hair dressier. My only hesitation is will the strap be comfortable when the bag is filled up? I do believe a BVette or two has this bag and can chime in.
  10. love the old and the new iron bag
    the old one is really classed as a cosmetic since it has a canvas lining
    but I love the way the handle snaps so that you can put it around your chair when dining out
    the new one is larger and I am pretty sure classed as a handbag
    but also the handle comes undone and you can also put it around your chair
    or you can shorten in
    it is a shoulder or a handbag
    great little bag
    a lot of BV for the price point
  11. I have the "older" versions of iron bag that is known as "cosmetic bags." They are handy as a wristlet. Actually they have suede lining, not canvas. I just can't put them on my shoulder. Has to be hand carried. The handles are also snap like SS mentioned, so I can hang them around my chair when we go out.

    You just gave me idea to take mine out. I'd do that during this holiday weekend
  12. I have to echo the others and say the large veneta is amazing. I have owned some beautiful bags, but this one is my most favorite. It drapes beautifully and is heaven on the shoulder. Bonus: every time you reach in your bag you get to feel the soft suede interior brush against your hand!

    I bought mine after having it authenticated (boxermom is my hero) and I got a great deal on a brand new condition bag.

    Good luck with your choice!
  13. JudyDenver, I did not mean to hijack your thread. Please do let us know which bag you decide on.

    Thank you all for sharing your experience and thoughts on the iron bag. I did not know that this bag had such an awesome name! :cool:
    The version I asked about above (medium) has very generous proportions: 9Hx14Wx6D and 10" drop. I tried it on at the store and it seemed very comfortable and roomy.

    And, long story short, I just ended up ordering it in navy color from Rue La La when they had a sale for $1259 marked down from $1850. Just could not resist. I will post some pictures in a new thread when it arrives.

    I think eventually I will end up getting a Veneta, but my first BV is going to be the Iron Bag. :p