How to choose a Gynecologist?

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  1. I moved to the US about 4 months ago. Last week I ran out of my BCP. I'm from a country where you can get a prescription for the BCP from your local GP. I've also lived in 2 other countries that had the same system.

    Imagine my surprise when I called my PCP and was told I needed to go to a Gynecologist!!!

    So now I'm scrolling through all these names on the Health Insurance website and am throughly confused! How do I choose? I know I want a female gynecologist close to where I live but that's it. I don't really want to pick some random name and take pot luck! :s

    Would love the advice of the US PF ladies. Even if it's just to say it doesn't matter, suck it up and pick a Gyno, any Gyno! :P
  2. honestly, i don't think it really matters if all you're trying to do is get your bc. go and get the exam and then worry later about finding someone you like.

    and, if all else fails, ask some friends in the area who they go to!
  3. Thanks kallison

    I'd ask friends but unfortunately they all live in other areas/cities. And it's my understanding that the Gynecologist needs to be within a certain # of miles from where I live?

    You're right though - if all I'm getting is my BCP, then that's not going to be too much of a drama! I guess I'm just overwhelmed by the healthcare system here and just getting used to it all.

  4. depends on your insurance, i think. (not sure...i just go to the clinic on campus)

    just find a female doc close to you and go. if you don't like her, you don't have to go back for, what, another year?
  5. Some Dr's offices can prescribe BC too... call your DR or campus Dr and ask for a referral :yes:
  6. I never had to go to a Gyno to get my prescription for BC...

    If you don't want to choose a gynocologist, you can go to the planned parenthood in your area (if there is one, I'm not sure where you live) and make an appointment to get it. You will probably have to pay out of your pocket...but..yah.
  7. Your reg. doctor won't prescribe it for you? That's odd.

    Have you tried going to Planned Parenthood or are you in school? If you're in school, the health center should be able to provide it to you.

    Otherwise, your doctor can give you recommendations for a gynocologist. Or get in contact with your health insurance company and they can tell you some doctors in the area.