How to change Heure H watch strap?

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  1. I've read that people enjoy being able to change out their straps often by themselves but I haven't been able to find instructions on how to actually do this (carefully). The SA helping me said I would need a tool and that she didn't know where I could get one. Why H wouldn't sell this is beyond me. I'm not sure if the design of the watch has changed in recent years, but if it matters, my watch has a P stamp (2012). Can anyone please help?
  2. Yes, you need a tool. I have one which came with Another Watch I bought. I use it to change my strap on my Cape Cod. I do not Think you can do it without the gadget to be honest.
  3. It's called a spring bar tool.

    Failing that, take it into Hermes. They will happily change it.
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    Thanks for teaching me a new word:biggrin:


    Any jeweller who sells watches should be able to swap out the straps, really.
  5. Thank you!! I read in a VERY old thread that a guy bought a "watch kit" at H so he could change the strap himself. Do any H's still sell this?

    I guess I'll pop into another H with a more knowledgable SA so s/he can walk me through the process. May return with a tutorial! Or feel free to post a YouTube tutorial here.

    Mods - have you considered merging all the watch threads into a clubhouse thread?
  6. There are several different watch threads about different models ... some very old. It would be very confusing to merge them all into one thread as posts would be "stacked" by date and not by topic.

    Search is pretty good when looking for info like this.
  7. I JUST went through this dilemma myself. My watch came with a spring bar tool but u don't necessarily need it. Google "how to change a watch strap" & you'll see a YouTube video on how to do it. Very simple. My dilemma was changing the buckle since the straps don't come with a buckle (u can get one put on for an extra $100) but I googled "changing a watch buckle" & again found a very helpful video. The watch strap tool does help some but you can use another small instrument. I used a Swiss Army knife.
  8. ^yours came with a tool?! Harrumph, why didn't mine?!

    And yes, as soon as I got home I noticed there weren't buckles on the strap-such a pain!! I assume it should be possible to switch the buckles back and forth? The SA never even pointed that issue out. Had she done that I may have just bought the buckles then and there (I don't know that the necessarily would have has them) to save myself the future trouble of fiddling with that.

    Anyways, now that I know that the tool is called a "spring bar tool" it's helped me be able to google stuff. I found this:

    If anyone else has a better video or link please post here!

  9. Awesome, thank you! I hope this thread helps all future H watch owners down the road!

  10. Right, sorry, I meant watch threads for the respective models much like there are separate clubhouse threads for the B, K, etc. I know there's a central pics-only for watches but it would be nice to have central places to ask watch-related questions rather than start individual threads.
  11. Well... that's why we ask people to contribute to existing threads when possible. I know it seems like a total PITA when I tell people to do a search, merge or close threads, but that's why. Otherwise, we end up with a bunch of threads on the same topic and it's hard to find the information. ;)
  12. With frequent changes the spring inside the bar will weaken and the spring bar should be replaced as a sudden sharp jerk could pull the spring bar out of the watch lugs.

    You can usually get spring bars where you buy the spring bar tool.

  13. I was just informed by CS that my watch should have come with this tool but it didn't. Where in the box was the tool located? Was it in the tube like space underneath the watch pillow?