How to change font, sylize my auction?

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  1. There used to be a little box that let me choose bigger fonts, etc. Now, I type it in and I get a 10 font (or is it 12?) and no line breaks. What's going on? I have NO OPTIONS that I can see.

    I KNOW I have to be missing something here!
  2. It's not you!! eBay has made yet another "improvement" to their listing tool, and it also messes you up if you try to edit a listing (you get a mess of HTML to sort through instead of the old "WYSIWYG" interface).

    I recommend using a photo host like Inkfrog to do your auctions--they have tons of templates so you can create prettier auctions more quickly, you can manipulate your fonts, colors, etc to your heart's content, you can schedule the auctions to start/end when you want at no charge, and you don't have to pay eBay's multiple picture fees but you can put as many photos as you wish. It's $9.95 a month, and I believe they have a free 2 week trial offer right now.
  3. You could write your listing on Microsoft Word and "cut and paste" into the listing panel. I tried it, and it worked for me. I could choose my fonts, sizes and colors even those features are not available on eBay's editing panel.
  4. Try Auctiva - it's free, plus you can add 24 (large) pictures per listing for free, lots of templates, free 'shopfront', scheduling, imagehosting, slideshow yadda yadda yadda... and more. You only pay ebay's insertion-fee + the £0.15 gallery and the final value fee. I signed up only last week and already saved many hours and ££s. :tup:
    You can even check how many snipes are set on your (or others') listings.
  5. Yep I use Auctiva too, completely free. Just takes a while getting use to the first time you do it. Otherwise it's a breeze.