How to Change Date on my Rolex DateJust?

  1. I have a new Rolex, bought on line not locally. I read the instruction manual about how to change the date. I was able to change it, but it seemed more difficult than I thought it would be. I thought that the dates would just change with a turn of the crown, but I actually ended up moving the watch hands around to advance the date. Did I do it wrong? I am so scared of breaking my watch.
  2. when you pull the crown, it pulls out to two posititions. The first one changes the date. Is it brand new? If not it may need to be serviced if the date is sticking. If you bought it online are you sure its authentic?
  3. Oh yes, I'm sure it's authentic. It came from a reputable jeweler. I bought out of state to save sales tax. I will try again at the end of April, and hopefully it will be easier this time.
  4. Don't worry - Rolexes are practically indestructable. Bagsforme said it about the first pull will do the date. You basically unscrew the crown so it's loose, then gently pull and you will feel the first stop. You probably just pulled it out all the way which is why the watch hands changed.
  5. Yup, that's exactly how you change it. LOL, it took me a while to figure mine out.:p
  6. Yes, i had to change my date today, cause it said 31st! Just unscrew the crown and on the first click, roll towards your body gently and you'll see it move. If the time changes it's ok, just move the hands where you want them and start over. Just make sure you screw it back very tightly to ensure the water proofing. Also, if there are local jewelry stores around they are usually helpful and can show you.
    Good Luck:smile:
  7. One thing i have to add: make sure you pull out the crown ALL the way to change the hands. I made the mistake of always pulling it out one notch and when i turned the crown it was just winding up the watch and after 2 yrs of doing that on my watch, it finally broke on me. Rolex's are not indestructable! The hands are very sensitive...due to the propetal motion. I paid $300 to have it fixed.
  8. The same thing happened to mine, it also said the 31st! I'm relived I am not the only one this happened to... It should have changed to the 1st! How come this happened??
  9. It's also worth saying what I learned recently that old models of the Datejust (not sure from when but certainly 70s/80s) do not have the facility to adjust the date separately to the time. Winding hands forward is the only way.

    At the very least that's what my jeweller told me.

  10. because the watch does not know what month it is kwim it is only a date not a complicated perpetual calender. so depending on how many days the month has you have to set the date new at the beginning of the following month.. no big deal :smile: