How to celebrate a 21st birthday?

  1. Okay. I'm been searching through the website for a long long time.

    I'm turning 21 next month, and I want to celebrate my birthday with 3 of my best pals ( 2 pals are overseas.. sigh ) and a bunch of close friends who I know from the internet.

    I dont want it to be just a dinner thingy. ;/ Any suggestions?
  2. do a club or a lounge. have dinner then go out and party it up!
  3. Haha. Bad thing abt partying. My DH hates it. ;( Awwww
  4. Getting drunk at the strip club!

    Srsly...this is your bday, so if you want to go dance with your girlfriends, your man is gonna have to suck it up. There's nothing unreasonable about partying for your 21st bday. Marriage = compromise for the one you love.
  5. VEGAS!!!!! :dothewave::dothewave::dothewave:

    But if that's out of the question...go to a cool club with your, dancing and alcohol combined with good company is always a great combo! if you aren't too keen on partying, go for a nice lounge where you can all sit down, have a drink and catch up!

    Happy birthday!! :drinkup:

  6. hey its your bday he's gonna have to swallow it and do it for you.
  7. i second this! i turned 21 around the first time i went to vegas...and i had a blast! it was so much fun, especially if you go with a bunch of friends. i mean your DH should understand that you only turn 21 once. and it should be experienced, even if he doesn't like to party. he should at least come to support you and what you is YOUR 21st BDAY.

  8. I celebrated my 21st birthday by having a cookout (July 6). I'm not big on the drinking party/club scene
  9. leave your DH at home!!!

    JUST KIDDING! the vegas idea sounds great through ;)
  10. Hi!!!!!

    I'm turning 21 this WEDNESDAY!!!! :biggrin:

    I've done enough clubbing since 17 and I'm not a huge drinker.

    For my bday...I'm going to IMPROV!!! ( Comedy club)

  11. a cool rooftop (hotel)lounge with a pool area. i love sitting around on sofas drinking a martini looking at the pool all lit up. like a W hotel or somewhere similar
  12. I had a really great 21st birthday... we started out at my house, bbq-ing and swimming and having cake just like when I was a kid. We even played kickball with one of those exercise balls. then we went to a friend's house and started playing a few drinking games, before going to a club to dance. It was sooo much fun, but I really wish I had taken pictures! So whatever you do, take pictures!!! It may end up being one of those "the nights I could never remember are the ones I'll never forget!" HAPPY 21!
  13. I agree with the Vegas idea. I went for my 21st and it was the best weekend ever!
  14. I don't drink/party, so I had a big dinner party instead
  15. i live in a college town and go to a party school, so everyone does the same thing here - party HARD. most of my friends barely made it back from their 21st birthdays.

    my advice is, in your heart, YOU know what you want to do. if that's party, then that's your decision with you and your friends and if you're not doing anything like flirting with other guys, then your DH needs to be reasonable and realize that you being happy on your birthday is more important than his dislike of partying, particularly if the party isn't directly impacting him in a negative way. i'm sure you've made sacrifices to do things that he likes.

    and if partying really doesn't seem like fun to you, then there are a variety of things - a lot of large salons and spas will host parties for groups of women so you and all your friends can go together and get pampered for a little while. a party at home is also a good idea, and may be a good compromise between you doing what your DH wants and you going out and partying.