How to celebrate 1000 post?

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  1. So my 1000 post will be coming up, and I celebrated my 6 month tPF anniv with a new Alma, so am low on funds, but any ideas on how to celegrate my 1000th post? Was thinking maybe a framboise bracelet or a cles...any ideas?
  2. I think a cles would be a super cute and practical way to celebrate the big one-thou. Congrats and can't wait too read what you decide!!! :smile:
  3. framboise cles is soooo nice!!! i can't stop looking at it when i see it at the store.
  4. ^^^I love framboise - but my 4 key holder is framboise, so I am not sure what I'd use the cles for except to hand on my bags...
  5. How about a LV phone strap since it's on your wish list? Maybe a framboise one to match your key holder!!!

    I too agree a cles would be nice. If you don't want a framboise one how about a white maybe?
  6. ^^^are framboise phonestraps still available? If so then I think that's what I'll do! Do you know the price of them?
  7. Framboise Cles!!!! It's so pretty!

  8. Sorry, I have no idea if they're still available or what the price is. I've been wanting one myself, but haven't look too much into it.
  9. inclusion bracelet (this is what I want now :p)
  10. What about the pomme ludlow ...I think it's cute!!!!
  11. Framboise cles!!
  12. cles!
  13. Framboise Cles .... so pretty! :love:
  14. Cles
  15. Oooh a cles would be gorgeous! I really want one!