How to carry the alma?

  1. Ive just bought a MC alma and im finding it really awkward to carry as if i hold in my hand it passes my knee and looks silly but then if i carry at my elbow it awkward espesh if i have a coat on.
    Has anyone got any tips or pics on how to carry the alma?:confused1: I love it so much its soo pretty
  2. Now that I think about it, I probably carry it on my forearm with my arm bent. It is also comfortable being carried from my wrist. I like the size and shape of the handles. It's really well-designed and works from the hand or shoulder -- I purchased a strap for it. The only modeling picture I have is handheld with one of my poodles.
  3. I carry mine in the grove of my arm when it is bent up and also at my side in my hand. I am short 5'2" and I think it works for me. :yes:
  4. I just love that poodle. I want to pet its puffy head... hehe
    I love dogs.
  5. ive seen alot of ladies, and one guy carry them in the nook of their arm. right above the elbow. otherwise its literally a hand bag, that the fingers together can carry.
  6. I tend to carry it in the crook of my arm with my elbow bent as well. Same way I carry my Speedys. I think it looks better that way on those of us who are short. Of course there are times when it hangs in my hand though
  7. Thanks -- we are poodle people! Here's a photo of our other standard. The one in the Alma photo is Horatio and he is 12 (in March.) The other one is Charley, six. He is a real clown. Sorry for the scary looking dog eyes. Bad flash!!
  8. I carry mine by the crook of my arm.
  9. i most commonly see it either in hand on on the crook of the arm, just depends on preference. you could buy a strap, i see many women carrying it like that but personally don't like how that looks at all
  10. I use the crook of my arm. Seems pretty comfy that way to me!
  11. I prefer to carry it as a handbag.
  12. I always carry mine as a handbag too.
  13. If I have a thicker coat on, I carry mine in my hand or from my wrist. If I'm wearing thinner sleeves or a short or no-sleeved top, then I carry it in the crook of my arm nearer the elbow.

    I love my alma!! :love:
  14. I usually carry it on the crook of my arm or in my hand. I bought the strap and use it when I go out and need to have my hands free. Maybe it doesn't look as classy but it's definitely very convenient.
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