How to carry a large clutch?

  1. I wore my new large electric blue marin clutch shopping today and it is kind of a pain to carry. Do you all carry them by the strap and let it dangle or hold it in your hand like you see the celebs do? It is kinda heavy and I had to keep putting it down to do anything. Hmmm...I love the color of this bag and the size is perfect for my stuff. I hope it won't be too much of a hassle to carry it or I won't. :confused1:
  2. I don't know if I could wear my clutches shopping. I think it would be very cumbersome, as you said. I usually wear my clutches to dinner, lunch, events, etc.. I carry them under my arm or just in hand. I am glad the larger clutches have chains or straps though. I use the chain mostly in restaurants where I need to hang it off a hook or chair. The Troy has a chain and you can carry it as a bag but I think over time it will distort the bag. It creases at on end when carried this way.
  3. yeah shopping isn't the best time for a clutch, it's more a dinner/evening type thing. I'd carry a big clutch like the marin tucked against my body, held down by my arm/elbow.