How to care for your MJ bag?

  1. Do you do anything special to your bags to protect it? Like spray them with the sprays for shoes to protect the bag from water or maybe use any leather lotions? If you do, what brand do you use and where do you get it? Thanks!
  2. I know a lot of people use shoe polish or other protectants. I haven't treated any of my bags. However, I do wipe them down with baby wipes (the kind with aloe) sometimes and I store them completely stuff and in their dust bags. I know Wilson's Leather also sells a leather protectant that some people said was effective. Let me see if I can find that thread for you...
  3. oh, thanks! i want to protect my bags but at the same time, am afraid that some lotions might damage the leather so i want to be sure to use the right thing. also, i know with coach bags, they say you should condition the leather every so often to keep it from cracking.
  4. I can't find the exact post I'm looking for. I think it is zoinksta (and I hope she doesn't mind me saying this) that has really good tips on caring for her MJs. Maybe she'll respond better than I can.

    A lot of people reccomend apple guard, but like I said before, I haven't used anything thus far. I just try to keep them in a cool location (um, my closet) and keep 'em stuffed. If they get dirty, I wipe them down. Sorry I wasn't much help!
  5. That was helpful! Thanks!
  6. do you know why they recommend bags going naked? i'm tempted to use on the the repellants mentioned in the thread.
  7. Do you think they would still recommend leaving the bags "naked" in an extreemly dry climate? I am concerned the leather will crack over time.
  8. I think leather will do what it wants and that is the beauty of the bags... the leather is really good quality so you can be rest assured it will last a life time.. i say have fun and live it up.. the only thing that would make me mad tho would be jean stains on my purse.. i dont think i could live with that... how could you avoid that? once you wash the jeans they should be ok no? i dont have any dark jeans as in blue denim just some black jeggings that im not sure if they woudl bleed or not.
  9. ^^I believe I read a thread about jeans colour transfer not too long ago.. think it was in the Chanel forum? Maybe you can try a search! :smile:
  10. Does anyone have any recommendations how to clean a VERY dirty Marc Jacobs Bruna in Nude? I bought it from Saks in 07' when it first came out...and its been lovingly used...a lot. The handles are nearly brown...

    Will the Apple Care stuff I've been reading about on other posts clean thoroughly enough? Or can I bring it in somewhere? I live in NYC so any recommendations in the city would be awesome. Also, how much do cleanings run?

  11. Melotonian leather balm works wonders on conditioning leather & removing scratches on both cow & lambskin.
  12. Hi, I'm new. I just bought a purse on eBay it's a black Marc by Marc Jacobs classic Hillier hobo. The outside is in great condition but the inside was disappointing. It was full of cat or dog hair and it has a light brown stain. How do i clean it? Thanks in advance!
  13. hard to say without knowing what the stain is or looks like. if it's an area you can get at by pulling the lining out, cold water and a little dish washing liquid should work IME (keep the lining pulled out while it dries) but you might want to have it professionally done if it doesn't look like an easy fix