how to care for your MJ bag

  1. does any of you spray some sort of leather protectant on your MJ bags?
    i have to do taht for my mulberry bag, and since i have left over leather protectant, i was thinking of spraying it on the MJ bag too.
    what do you gals think?
  2. ive been wondering the same, because a) i want to protect it and b) its metallic leather and i dont want it to transfer on my clothes and accessories.
  3. Many members were told my MJ SAs to leave the leather as is (do not add anything to it), but I have heard of some members treating theirs with Appleguard products (repellant, conditioner, etc).
  4. I just received my Teri in the mail yesterday!! I'm officially in love!!
    The leather is super soft and I don't know what to do with it!
    Should I leave it as is or treat it with something?

    Also, does anyone have experience with the MbMJ Teri and taking it outside when it's raining? I've heard that it holds up under rain, but I just want to be 100% sure!!
  5. I use Applegarde on all my soft calf MJ bags and haven't had any problems. One of my bags is eggplant, a very saturated color that can spot in the rain, but the Applegarde seems to do the trick. I use the conditioner and the water repellent spray.
  6. I use a little bit of mink oil. Works great at keeping my Stella smooshy soft. :biggrin:
  7. Do you use anything to clean it?
    This must be such an amateur question, but are you NEVER supposed to use a damp cloth to clean it? I've heard some people use a damp cloth, but some people never want water near their leather bags!

    Any help would be great... thanks!
  8. could I use Coach leather cleanser and conditioner? I bought them with my coach purse. But someone said coach leather-care kit could not be used to all designers.
  9. ^ I have used Coach leather moisturizer and Apple conditioner on MJ soft calf styles without a problem. It maintains the bags and makes them beautiful and soft.

    However, an SA at Nordstrom once told me that the Coach moisturizer could be abrasive to some types of leather and recommended the Cadillac brand instead (which, of course, is just what they happen to sell there...) I think the soft calf leather is quite durable and if you have the Coach moisturizer already then you can just use that. But always test in a hidden spot first and if you have a bag made out of some special delicate leather, you should consult with the maker before using products on it.
  10. ehhh.. i only moisturize my bags when they feel a little dry.

    and that's very infrequent.
    I don't treat them with anything else.
  11. I have never moisturized my bags...don't know if that's good or bad but I did spray all of mine with appleguard
  12. Hm... Let me elaborate, I moisturized one Marc Jacobs bag.. but I bought it NWT off of ebay and it came from a very hot climate, which dried out the leather, I'm assuming. Plus it's a bag that didn't have the typical soft calf leather.
  13. Okay, that makes me feel alot better that I don't (or don't know how, rather) to moisturize my bags!

    I'm hoping MbMJ bags are durable enough to hold up against all sorts of weather!
  14. I usually spray my MJ Stam with Collonil Waterstop (use it for my Mulberry all the time) because I find that where the edges have worn (mine is v.well used!) the color sometimes runs in the rain (black dye on a white trench... the horror...:wtf: ) the leather on my bag is v.soft tho so not sure this spray is good for newer MJ bags...
  15. I had bought the apple brand leather cleaner and conditioner and did a tiny spot check on my small MP. It didnt do anything! I felt like I was rubbing off the color so I stopped immediately. Luckily I was extremely precausious about where I did my spot check.

    I'm not sure if the applegaurde protectant spray is any good (I personally will not try it- I worry too much about my bags as is.)

    I think for my dirty bags, I will have to have them professionally cleaned. (I also tried baby wipes as well but that didnt work either).